Interitus - Easy access to developing

Welcome to the office documentation of Interitus, an open-source graphical drag’n’drop programming interface. It supports Ev3, Arduino and Raspberry Pi (or other platforms via plugin). Our opinion is a simplification for developers should never limit them.

This guide will tell you how Interitus is made and how to contribute. You will also get how to write a Plugin.

Intuitive Environment
The programming Space is very simple to use and easy to understand. And the Program Structure is minimalistic constructed

First steps

If you want to use Interitus as a user here will be a Tutorial soon.

Write a Plugin

Now you have to decide if you want to write a Plugin or contribute to Interitus. Because the way you initialize you Project Environment is kind of different.

Contribute to Interitus

Contribute to Interitus

Class Reference

  • Interitus API